A Science Microfiction Piece.

                   Where did my skeleton go!                           

Today I was walking at the mall and just fell into a blob. I was so worried ! I couldn’t move my carpals, phalanges, metacarpals, metatarsals, femur, ulna, pelvis, vertebrae, ribs, patella, tarsals, humorous, radius, fibula, clavicule, mandible, cranium, sternum, coccyx, scapula, and tibia. I wouldn’t have my major muscles attached to my bones and could not protect my internal organs. Also I would not have shape and support to my body. I won’t have an Osteoblast or Osteoclast. My joints won’t work i’m just a blob I can not move, how is this happening I don’t like it. Then out of nowhere my bones came back and I was in the mall laying on a bed in a store and woke up ! it was a horrible dream, that’s how I realized a skeletal system is really important and that a skeleton is a framework of living bones in your body.